Every game of chance offers the house a certain inherent statistical advantage but none works off so small a profit margin–theoretically between one and four percent–as sports betting. With so little room for error, sportsbooks have come to rely on a combination of accurate pointspreads and an understanding of h… Read More

A lot of people have read Robert Kiyosaki’s books (and he has a lot of them), but this is the one that started them all. I think what endears people to ?????? Rich Dad Poor Dad is the story. It seems to me that whenever a non-fiction book teaches with stories, it does very well. So, if you’re going to write a non-fiction book, weave you… Read More

What is an LCD Display? LCD is short for liquid crystal display, and while LCD technology has been around for quite some time, it has been only in the last decade or so that the technology became suitable for the high quality flat panel television and computer monitor displays we see today. The most notable feature of displays using LCD technology… Read More

EBOOK DETAILS File Size: 1.55mb Unzipped. Number of Pages: 1 long scrolling page. Format: Executable (.exe) Subject: The One Month Magnate is ????? a step by step ?????? guide to how Tony Shepherd created a product to sell on the internet starting from scratch. That means no mailing list and no website, just his past experience. ABOUT TONY SHEPHE… Read More

The goalkeepers job is certainly the toughest of all soccer players, since whereas a ?????? defender, midfielder or attacker can get off with a couple of mistakes every now and then, a goalkeepers mistakes are a lot more visible. To complicate things even further, modern goalkeepers have even more attributions than before: … Read More